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About Us

Dr Bo Yin was born in Beijing. He came to Melbourne in 2011 and proudly finished his study at Balwyn High School.

He was then admitted to RMIT University, the only institution in Victoria that provides Chiropractic program. He wanted to be a Chiropractor because both his parents suffered from significant muscle and joint problems after 20+ years of office work. He chose to change the life quality of his cared ones with his professional skills so that more hard-working people like his parents do not have to suffer.

During his time in university, he has actively participated in many community clinics, mainly targeting the vulnerables of the society, including aboriginal people and elderlies. He developed special interests in chiropractic management in geriatric patients. He believed that everyone would get old at one day and every elderly person deserves good care for what they have contributed to the society for their whole life.

After graduating from RMIT in 2019, Dr Bo Yin registered as a Chiropractor and started his full time practice. He refined his skills and acquired new techniques such as Applied Kinesiology and Sacral Occipital Techniques so that more people could get benefit from his hands.

Founding in August 2022, Heal Life Group, led by Dr Bo Yin, aims to promote mindsets of health and wellness and help prevent people from suffering musculoskeletal problems.

Dr Bo Yin

Dr Bo Yin


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