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Back Pain Chiropractor

Back pain is the leading cause of workplace disability in Australia. Back pain reduces life qualities of many people with its consistency, or on the other end of the scale, the frequent episodes they suffer. In the Clinical evidence handbook for Family Physicians (1), lower back pain is defined as either specific or nonspecific. Specific lower back pain is typically from a cause, or known reason, whereas non specific lower back pain is from non-recognisable pathology. In the clinical evidence handbook, they also discuss how over 70% of people in developed countries suffer from back pain, of which 10% never return to work.

For many people, the main treatment options for back pain include acupuncture, exercises, steroid injections, surgery or allied health care such as Chiropractic care. As discussed in the handbook, though there are many good options for treatment, the common approach from medical practitioners of cortisone or steroid injections are no better than sham or placebo treatments.
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