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Heal Life Group

Heal Life Group创立于2022年,旨在为病人提供量身定做的,循证医学为主的高质量服务来帮助您达到最好的保健目标。我们的宗旨是提升大众注意健康与保健的。

Our Services

You are listened


Every single person has different expectation from Chiropractic, you can be assured that your needs and goals are listened.

Reduce tension


Pain and tension are the words your body uses to tell you there is something wrong. Pain and tension reduction is essential in the first place.

Increase Mobility

Most joint and muscle pain starts from poor mobility. By increasing your mobility your pain will be reduced and gone in the end.

Enhance Sleep


Poor sleeping quality is closely associated with poor posture during the day. 

        > Make your appointment online

Contact us

Contact Us

Our Address

96 Canterbury Road,

Canterbury VIC 3126

Tel: 0406690689

Opening Hours

Mon Wed and Fri  8AM – 7PM

Saturday    8AM – 3PM


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